De Chem Reaperz SFV OGK by Bean Boyz Genetics sick__boy Hot
Written by sick__boy January 25, 2015
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This marijuana strain is well known as an exceptional resin producer. De Chem Reaperz SFV OGK has impressively large buds which can produce and yield 4 to 5 ounce of potent crop. The flowering time of this weed plant takes about 8 to 10 weeks. With its height of 4 to 6 feet, De Chem Reaperz SFV OGK can be grown easily either indoors or outdoors. Shaped like a Christmas tree, this marijuana strain is a vigorous plant that adjusts well to any growing method and is weather resistant. It is preferred by both beginners and experienced growers. This hybrid is a perfect combination of female Grape Gorilla and male Chem Valley Kush. The crossing resulted to a hybrid with succulent and strong smoke. This exceptional weed plant has a balanced characteristics of both sativa and indica strains. The effect gives you an elated but peaceful high. Every smoker loves this pot’s lemony citrus and slightly funk taste.

Because Grape Gorilla is one of my strongest marijuana strains, I always seek a pairing that will increase the whole experience of the strain, allowing expression to come forward, or Growing Forward in the strain. I didn't make up the name "Grape Gorilla", but like it very much, so I use it in my efforts to I.D. this strain. Grape Gorilla is but one of the strains that was used to create Grape Gorilla. Chem D and Buddha Ballz Kush the other two. Strong, succulent smoke.

The Mamma: As said above, Gorilla is a super starting point for some new dank (weed). I've used it both ways in strains, always searching out the best possible combinations. This female was exceptional. She was all a grower could ask for. Healthy, mid sized by super crop/n, huge canopy with many bud sights that will produce some killz beanz. By late July she began flowering slowly, then in Augusts' hot sun she really began to put out her magic flowers. I am captivated no matter how many 1000 times I've seen this , , , , truly magic! She has a mild smell, but loaded with resins. When rubbed, she was funky to the nose, sticky to the fingers. Mid August she was ready. Yumm, yumm!

The Daddy: Needed a heavy hitter here, and chose my Chem Valley Kush male for the task. He's a Cali Conn. creation which I discovered growing out two pac of CVK. He's been used in a few of this season's strains, have loads of faith in his ability (since Swerve worked so hard on this strain) to throw some DANK DANK DANK !

Here's what Swerve had to say about CVK from his site: Chem Valley Kush: "This is a sick hybrid from 2 of the strongest strains on earth in my opinion.Together they are unstoppable have worked this version for over a year now I used an f3 male that was a stinky little bastard with strong pronounced lemon pledge stench like his mother SFV OG kush, the chem d clone only was glad to meet this new guy for sure.. This hybrid will love and work well with super cropping, LST, and any other training methods."

My choice to use him was easy, right? BBG's Da Chem Reaper will be awesome to be sure. How awesome will be made clear when we begin to hear back from the clients that have faith in our abilities to create super strains from super strains (that have huge personalities in their expressions).

Male: “ChemValley Kush” (Chem D X SFV OGK V.11)
Female: "Grape Gorilla" (Grape Gorilla X Chem D X Buddha Ballz Kush)
Height: 4-6 feet, Xmas tree shaped, loves super crop'n. D.O.P.(Depending on Pheno)
Weight: 4-5 ozs, depending on skills, luck, karma
THC: Higher, super resin production
Scent/taste: Burgundy, Lemony, citrus, slight funk
Bud Density: 8 on a 10 ... Nice tight, great bag appeal
Flowering: 8-10 weeks, DOP (Depending on Pheno)
Sativa/Indica: 50/50

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