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Rainbow Mints H1 by Arctic Genetics

Mother: animal mints bx1 (wedding cake x animal mints f1) from seedjunky genetics

- most amazing and stabile phenotype, compact layer of thricomes all over, our inhouse favourite cultivar for years, with a very (almost terribly) potent 'nighttime only' punch when smoked. Hunted and selected from a phenohunt with high rate of hermaphrodites in most siblings while keeper cut havent shown any traits of it even when induced with light schedule stress. The stability of this phenotype is something we expect to be needing to work with down the line of future generations and/or backcrosses.

Father: rainbow truffle (gelato #33 x zkittlezwood [zkittlez x kirkwood OG]) from uprising seedco.

- selected for vigour, heavy odours of stem rub, structure and of course showing no stress signs during testing.

Not to forget the female winner from this hunt was ridiculously proper smoke, expressing a variety of colors under a cute little layer of thricome glands.

Allover awesomeness speaking to you from the start.

Both mother and the father/donor's sister are yielding very well, selected for terpenes profiles and having zkittlez among the other powerhouse strains in this cross, ensures us that it will give good possibilities to find that flat on your ass high type of phenotypes, that both yield well, express color variations and reek of goodness, smells ranging from infamous sweet zkittlez, the smell we never quite managed to hate, (not for lack of trying), to the more dank gelato fragrances, all way over to that american strong weed terpene profile animal mints brings.

It's safe to assume there will be a variety of colors in the progenys, thricome covered flowers that packs a mean punch.

This is a H1 Poly hybrid cross released for the phenohunters with couple of years in their belt, who can spot a hermaphrodite trait a mile away, the variety will be large, and the stabilizing process has yet to be started in this generation. If you are looking for more uniform phenotypes, expressing many similar traits and typically match the pictures taken by the breeder, we recommend you go for the next generations (H2,H3, H4) or the backcrosses (BC1, BC2 so on), which both will be worked towards stabilizing them and locking in certain traits from the breeder's goals. (aiming to breed the desided traits true, and removing undesirable traits in the process of line breeding (IBL) and/or backcrossing (cubing) the strain.)

If you need your carbon filter exchanged, we recommend doing this in advance with this cross.

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